5 Kitchen Cabinets Trends You Should Know About

5 Kitchen Cabinets Trends - Parr Cabinet Design Center

With a booming housing market and nation-leading housing price gains, Portland homeowners are remodeling their homes, especially their kitchens. Kitchen design elements continue to evolve from the trends that were popular over the past few years and kitchen cabinets are at the center of that evolution. The designers at Parr Cabinet Design Center regularly expand and reinvent their design repertoires. As a frontrunner in the industry, here are some of the major kitchen cabinet trends that Parr has been tracking and implementing this year:

1. Simple, Sleek, Clean Lines

Modern design elements featuring simple, sleek cabinet doors and drawers continue to be popular. These cabinets compliment modern design elements being used throughout new and remodeled kitchens this year. Minimalist design takes the focus away from the actual cabinets and creates a canvas where accent elements, such as the hardware, faucets, and lights, are emphasized.

Basic Shaker style cabinets are also still very popular with their simple recessed panels. This style offers a more classic, traditional look, but the trend is clearly moving towards streamlined, modern cabinets.

2. Lose the Doors. Add More Drawers

Recently, cabinet storage configurations have moved more toward horizontal drawers than traditional vertical cabinets. In the past, it was common to have small drawers for silverware and junk drawers. Today’s kitchens feature larger drawers and more of them. These allow for easier organization, storage, and access to everything from small spice bottles to large pots and pans and even a knife block.

Open shelving is another option that has been trending over the past several years. Open shelving means the doors are left off some or all of the cabinets. It is a great way to personalize and brighten a kitchen. This design feature allows dishes and other personal touches to be showcased, highlighting personalized style more than other design options.

3. Hardware

The modern, minimalist designs of today’s cabinets have taken the visual emphasis away from cabinets and placed it more on the adorning hardware. One popular trend is large, sleek cabinet pulls that span the entire horizontal length of drawers. Horizontal pulls are also being used on vertical cabinets to maintain a consistent, linear flow that accents the natural rectangular form of modern cabinets.

Another common and popular minimalist design option are C- or J-channel pulls. These concealed pulls are built into the edge of the drawers or doors and work beautifully with waterfall countertops and stained wood cabinets.

The use of copper hardware is also expanding. From cabinet pulls to lights and faucets, the warm yet sophisticated look of copper is becoming popular in today’s kitchens.

4. Color Trends

Although still extremely popular, solid white cabinets are now sharing the spotlight with different shades of gray and earth tones. Grays and earth tones are becoming more popular because they provide a consistent, neutral base color that welcomes the use of bold and vibrant accent colors. These accent colors are a perfect way to add a personalized touch to the design and color scheme of a kitchen.

5. Built-In Appliances

With a little forethought, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves can be fully integrated into the kitchen design, providing a cohesive aesthetic. Built-in appliances can be made to match virtually any cabinetry, so the possibilities are endless.

Parr Cabinet Design Center is knowledgeable about not only traditional designs but also the latest trends in cabinets, kitchens, and beyond. If you have questions, want more details about this article, or want to talk about other trends, please meet with us today. We are excited to hear about your project!

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