Six 2016 Kitchen Trends You Should Know About

Our #ParrCabinet experts fill us in on what trends we can expect to see in 2016.

Six 2016 Kitchen Trends | Parr Cabinet Design Center

Six 2016 Kitchen Trends | Parr Cabinet Design Center

Six 2016 Kitchen Trends

  1. Gray is in for cabinets
    Homeowners are moving beyond white and have begun exploring the possibility of gray cabinets. Gray is a wonderful choice because it is a neutral color and pairs well with a variety of bold accent colors, like red, blue and yellow.

  2. Open shelving will brighten up kitchens
    Open shelving is extremely popular because it is a unique way to brighten and personalize your kitchen. When considering cabinets focus your design around practicality. Would you prefer to hide some of your dishes? Consider a combination of cabinets and open shelving.

  3. Quartz countertops is the popular choice
    Quartz will be the leading countertop material in 2016. This can be attributed to the durability of Quartz. Resistant to scratches and stains, Quartz countertops will not show signs of normal wear and tear. Available in a variety of colors, Quartz presents a natural stone-look that complements any kitchen style.

  4. Wood countertops are a hit
    Wood countertops have made a big splash in the kitchen industry and will be big again in 2016. Pairing wood countertops with stainless steel appliances helps create a modern, yet warm space. An added benefit of wood countertops is the lack of noise from pots and pans.

  5. Homeowners like to mix things up
    Gone are the days of cohesiveness. Enjoy incorporating different metal finishes into your kitchen. The mixture of metal adds an eclectic element that is rather charming. Let your personality shine through with touches of gold, iron, chrome and silver.

  6. Copper is making its way into the kitchen
    Seen across the Internet, copper is making its way into the kitchen for 2016. From lighting to faucets, copper brings a bold sophistication to the kitchen that is remarkably warm. Not ready to invest in a copper stove? Cabinet hardware is an affordable solution that add a pop of metal to any kitchen.

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