A Kitchen Remodel With Parr Cabinet and Kemper Full Access Cabinets

When it’s time to choose kitchen cabinets, there are so many options to consider! Do you go with custom-built cabinets or prefabricated cabinets? What style of cabinet do you prefer? How much will it cost to remodel your kitchen and how long will it take? These are the questions that constantly swirl around in your head as you consider this monumental task. Luckily, you have come to the right place to get all the answers to your kitchen remodel concerns. Check out this recent kitchen remodel we did for one of our clients!

Cabinet Styles

When it comes to choosing a kitchen cabinet style, there are several important considerations. You’ll need to decide on your budget, style preferences and size requirements before you can pick out a new kitchen. It’s also important to consider whether you want full-access cabinets or base-only cabinetry. While base-only cabinetry is generally cheaper than full-access options, they can be limited in terms of what you can store inside them if your space is limited. For this project, we used Kempur Full Access cabinets. 

The Amstead door style with white paint is a great option for anyone who wants a clean, modern look. The Amstead door style is an industry standard, so it will be easy to find replacement doors or hardware in the future if needed.

Kemper floating shelves were a great way to add that open, airy feel to this kitchen. The Oak with Grizzly stain was a beautiful choice for this design, giving the cabinet a rich look.

Counter Styles

Island countertops are often the focal point of a kitchen design. We used Cambri Britannica for this remodel. Cambria can be selected in a variety of colors, textures, and types of quartz: Cambria Britannica, Cambria Black Onyx, Cambria Carrara White Marble, or Cambria Corian®. The island countertop may be made from one type of quartz to create a uniform look throughout the kitchen space.

The Perimeter counter is made of Silestone Camden Quartz. The Silestone provides a durable, stain-resistant surface that resists scratches, stains, and abrasions. It also features an easy-to-clean surface that requires little maintenance to keep it looking new. The Silestone is perfect for the perimeter of the kitchen where spills are most likely to occur.

Finishing Touches

After creating the new space, we installed a Champagne Bronze Contemporary metal pull on the new door. It has a heavy-duty chrome finish that complements the metallic edges of our Amstead door style with white paint and adds an elegant touch to this beautiful kitchen. This pull is an easy way to update your kitchen and make it look like you spent more than you actually did!

We topped everything off with new appliances from KitchenAid. This kitchen remodel was not only beautiful but also convenient for everyday use!

Come to Our Showroom

Come to Parr Cabinets showroom to get started on your kitchen remodel. We offer a wide range of kitchen styles, cabinet finishes, and hardware to help you find the perfect look for your home. If you’re ready to take the next step, we can help with every aspect of your project from design through installation.