Brad Wilson

Position: Manager
Location: Seattle (Tukwila)

Brad Wilson has been in the cabinet industry for four years, spending the previous 17 years in the construction business. His fondness of Modern-Rustic kitchens comes as no surprise considering he once worked for the National Park Service Management, during which he particularly enjoyed his time at Brice Canyon. Brad’s dream kitchen consists of various wood species and natural finishes with modern appliances, styling and twists incorporated throughout.

When asked about current kitchen trends, Brad expresses his preference towards modern, open-concept kitchens, complete with floating shelves and techie elements. So much of our lives happens in the kitchen, which is why Brad spends additional design time “adding lifestyle.” Incorporating TVs and computer monitors that can be hidden, mood lighting and touch screen tablets can be tastefully integrated into most spaces. Why a computer monitor? Essentially, the kitchen becomes a floating workspace. Kids are able to complete homework, adults can access email, all without retreating to an isolated office space.

Brad relishes the unique opportunity to give his customers their dream kitchen, while keeping budget and time frame top of mind. It is a chance, as he says, to hit it out of the park.

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