Transform Your Kitchen with In-stock Cabinets

Auburn Kitchen Remodel - Parr Cabinet Outlet

Recently, one of our customers selected kitchen cabinets from our in-stock cabinets offerings. These cabinets are ready to go. There’s no wait because you don’t have to order them from our cabinets manufacturers. They are already in our warehouse. You can pick them up the same day or we can delivery them to you. As you can see in the photos, our in-stock offerings can turn a fire-damaged kitchen into a beautiful kitchen.

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Catalyss Homes Wins Best Kitchen Award

Catalyss Homes - Parr Cabinet Design Center

Look at these stunning kitchen photos. In the pictures, you can see why Cataylss Homes won an award for Outstanding Kitchen at this year’s Central Washington Tour of Homes. Catalyss also won the best kitchen award last year. Parr Cabinet Design Center was happy to partner with Cataylss Homes on this beautiful kitchen.

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A Handsome Home Office Remodel

A Handsome Home Office Remodel - Parr Cabinet Design Center

Our customer came to the Parr Cabinet Design Center in search of a wall-to-wall home office desk to fit under an existing window. He wanted the masculine style and colors of a classic den, and for the piece to feel built into the room. In addition, our customer needed a balance of practical storage solutions for both big and small items, such as file cabinets, decorative books and curio displays.

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What You Should Know About Cabinets Wood Types

Cabinet Wood Types - Parr Cabinets

Are you in the market for new cabinets? Here’s a tip you should keep in mind when selecting the type of wood the cabinets are made out of:

No matter which wood type you choose for your new kitchen or bath cabinetry, no two pieces of wood are exactly the same.

Stains are likely to exaggerate the difference between open and closed grains and other markings in wood. Grain variation and color change should be expected. As hardwood ages, it will darken when exposed to different types of light. Color differences or changes in wood can also be caused by exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme heat, or other contributing external conditions. In addition, wood species exhibit other defining characteristics, such as mineral deposits/streaks, knots, sap runs, pin holes, and wormholes. These markings make the wood unique and contribute to its enduring beauty.

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Three Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Consider

Kitchen Cabinet Styles - Parr Cabinets

There are an infinite number of cabinet design combinations available, which can make the selection process a bit daunting. This article highlights three popular cabinet designs and provides readers with a head start on finding the right kitchen cabinets to fit their needs. The design experts at Parr Cabinet Design Center are well versed in cabinet designs from modern to traditional, so schedule a free design consultation today to start your project.

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