Choosing a Kitchen Finish in Three Easy Steps

Choosing a Kitchen Finish in Three Easy Steps | Parr Cabinet Design Center

It’s not easy deciding on a kitchen finish, is it? The selection process is complicated and there isn’t a set of rules for selecting materials and finishes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t follow the general guidelines below when you’re ready for a kitchen remodel.

Three Important Steps to Selecting a Kitchen Finish

  1. Start with the countertop
    Select a countertop that’s durable and easy to clean. Homeowners should stick with a single countertop material, with a slight variation at the pantry or island, for consistency and simplicity.
  2. Think about the cabinetry
    Keep the materials choices as simple and natural as possible. Look for light-colored cabinetry to keep the space open and bright, using other materials in small doses for visual depth and texture.
  3. Pull the space together with additional finishes
    Choose a backsplash color that visually contrasts with the countertop and cabinetry. Make sure the floor colors won’t clash with what’s in the kitchen. Lighting, fixtures, bar stools and hardware can also tie the look of the kitchen together.

This blog post is based on a Houzz article: 3 Steps to Choosing Kitchen Finishes Wisely.

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