Kitchen Design Ideas to Impress New Buyers

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Did you know that a homeowner spends around 80% of their time in the kitchen? This doesn’t necessarily mean cooking. According to statistics, a homeowner’s “time spent” includes eating, socializing, and relaxing. It represents how important the kitchen is when it comes to selling your home. If people are not impressed with your kitchen, chances are they’ll pass it up even if the landscape is impressive.

What does this mean for you as a homeowner? You have to make sure that your kitchen lives up to its full potential. If you have an outdated design, then you need to upgrade. If there’s clutter everywhere, create storage so that your space is nice and clear.

Here are a few kitchen design ideas to improve your space and impress potential buyers.

Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends

Cabinet replacement is one of the best ways to bring new kitchen design ideas to life for enhanced sales opportunities.

Sometimes, renovating a kitchen and bathroom can help you sell your home faster. In a buyer’s market, it can pay to make a few renovations before putting the home on the market. The trends and ideas outlined below are proven kitchen design ideas that home buyers are looking for:

Updating Old Cabinets is Always A Good Idea

Old, outdated cabinets can turn off buyers immediately. This is because they are usually stuck in the past and have a low resale value. If you want to upgrade your kitchen design, consider getting new cabinets that match today’s styles with clean lines and modern hardware.

Make a Statement with Hardware

Another highly visible material in the kitchen is the hardware on the cabinetry. In the current market, most buyers are looking for pieces that incorporate a small amount of “bling.” On the other hand, if your kitchen design already has a modern look, consider adding more muted hardware to your cabinets.

If you’re ready to bring your kitchen design ideas to life with cabinets that are stylish and increase storage, reach out to the experts at Parr Cabinet Design today!