Kitchen Trends to Look For in 2017

Kitchen Trends to Look For in 2017 - Parr Cabinet Design Center

From hidden appliances to bold hardware finishes, here are three of our favorite 2017 Kitchen Trends.

Clutter-Free Worktops

Looking for a streamlined look? Leave your countertops clutter-free by storing bulky kitchen appliances. Innovative storage solutions, such as appliance garages, provide homes for Kitchen Aid Mixers, convection ovens, Keurigs and more.

“There are amazing systems that have such smart, condensed storage. One drawer can fit everything you can possibly think of,” explains Nicole Sassaman from HGTV.

Cabinets aren’t just a place to hide your dishes anymore. Our designers create storage spaces that are both attractive and practical.

Color-Blocking and Two-Tone Cabinetry

Consumer reports indicate that kitchen trends continue to focus on color. We are gradually shifting away from the traditional all-white space and incorporating more color and texture. However, when designing your new space, integrating color can be challenging and intimidating because remodels are a significant investment.

“If you’re not confident choosing hues that will work together or would prefer a scheme that’s a little subtler, a simple solution is to layer your space with tones in the same color family, rather than colors that clash. To add extra visual interest, introduce contrasting textures, including matte, glossy, metallic and tiled surfaces,” Natasha Saroca, Houzz Australia Contributor.

Looking for color, but not wanting something too bold? Some of our favorite, and subtler, two-tone combinations include:

  • White upper cabinets, navy lowers
  • White upper cabinets, black lowers
  • Cream upper cabinets, washed blue lowers
  • White uppers cabinets, sage lowers

Metal Backsplashes

Bring a pop of color and visual interest to your kitchen by integrating a metal backsplash, available in brass, pewter and copper. Available in a variety of tones, styles and patterns, the incorporation of this textural backdrop is an excellent addition to any kitchen.

“A copper backsplash can lend a unique, high-end aspect to any kitchen, with the added benefit that the copper will evolve over time, via exposure to air and moisture, deepening in color and even developing natural waves and patterns within the metal,” HGTV.

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