Mixing and Matching Cabinet Styles for Your New Kitchen

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When it comes time to redo your kitchen, you need to consider what you want to do with your cabinets. Do you want one uniform style, or do you want to have mixed cabinet styles in your kitchen? Neither way is right or wrong, but there are many interesting advantages to mixing cabinet styles in your new kitchen.

What Are the Advantages of Mixing Cabinets?

When you mix cabinet styles in your kitchen, you’re able to achieve looks that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It can be more interesting to look at a variety of cabinet types than just looking at the same one over and over again. Having the same cabinets on the top and bottom can make the kitchen feel claustrophobic. It can also result in your kitchen feeling stiff and monotone. A variety of cabinet styles in your kitchen lets you make sure that things always look fresh, and you’re not going to get bored of looking at your cabinets. 

Mixed cabinets can look fantastic

How Do I Mix and Match Them?

It’s helpful to choose styles of cabinets that compliment each other if you’re going to go with a mixed setup. Think about how each of them is designed and how they would look laid out in various patterns. Will glass cabinets look better next to open shelf cabinets, or perhaps with cabinets with drawers. There are a lot of questions to ask yourself, but the result will help your kitchen breathe and feel more open. If this all sounds confusing, then you may need to look into some help from the pros. 

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