3 Kitchen Styles for Your Home

For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home and a place for the family to hang out together. That’s why it’s important to find the right style to suit your lifestyle and tastes. Today we take a quick look at three distinct kitchen styles: modern, contemporary, and industrial.

Modern Highlights

A modern kitchen (photo at top of page) is bold, clutter-free and features sleek surfaces and sharp edges.

  • Cabinets — bright white, sleek, functional, seamless
  • Countertops — metal, unpolished granite, laminate
  • Details — discreet handles, pull out drawers
  • Colors — shades of white, hues of grey, silver

Contemporary Highlights

A contemporary kitchen is clean, minimalistic, geometric, asymmetrical, and features man-made materials.

  • Cabinets — no decorative trim, simple, flat-panels
  • Countertops — stainless steel, laminate, concrete, engineered quartz
  • Details — horizontal lines, simple hardware, glass, recycled materials
  • Colors — monochromatic colors, inclusion of one or more bold colors

Industrial Highlights

An industrial kitchen is airy, utilitarian, salvaged, stripped-back, sophisticated, and raw.

  • Cabinets — stainless steel, flat-panel, metal shelving
  • Details — exposed brick, stainless steel appliances, wood beams
  • Colors — grey, white, black, cool undertones, cold matte metals
  • Countertops — wood, concrete, stainless steel
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