Customer Testimonial from Josh and Kandice Austin

We marvel every day at how beautiful our new kitchen looks. We put up with a bad and outdated kitchen design for over 8 years before deciding to take the plunge and embark on a complete kitchen overhaul. I have a good level of experience in tenant improvement and home remodeling, and the one thing I insisted on is that my wife enlist the services of a company that specializes in kitchen design as a full-time endeavor, and not one of the “box stores” who have rightly drawn criticism for offering inferior products and poor customer service. We drew up our sketches and Kandice in turn met with Brad Wilson, a Lead Designer with Parr Cabinets in Tacoma (Fife), Washington. The rest is history, as Brad is the first and last person we ever spoke to regarding our project. I have never been accused of idle flattery, and wouldn’t be moved to write this if we both weren’t beyond impressed with our whole experience. Several months later, we continue to be deeply moved by the exceptional customer service and courtesy we were shown every step of the way.

Brad Wilson is a consummate professional in every sense of the word. We both knew from our early meetings with him that he’s the reason people enlist the help of an expert . He is clear, direct and exceedingly polite. He loves his work, and it shows in his extensive working knowledge of every aspect of kitchen design, as well as the enthusiasm he brings to every conversation. It’s well-known that the true litmus test of real customer service kicks in when challenges arise and difficult issues need to be resolved. Every project presents its own challenges, especially when one is living in the same space as the remodel, as we were. Brad was proactive through it all, never making us feel even one time that we weren’t just as important as the first time we walked through the doors of his showroom as potential clients.

We heartily recommend Parr Cabinet Design Center to anyone who’s contemplating the ambitious undertaking of a kitchen remodel. More specifically, the trust and rapport that was quickly established with Brad Wilson gave us the confidence we needed to move forward with a project that we had delayed for years. It has been well worth the temporary inconvenience, as we literally feel like our 35 year old home is brand new. We’re glad that this decision to remodel and refresh our house keeps us in a safe and quiet neighborhood. We would say to anyone who’s on the fence, don’t delay. Talk to Brad and you’ll be just as confident as we were that you’re making the right choice. Brad Wilson has our highest recommendation, and we’ll back it up to anyone who’s asking. Again, many thanks.

– Josh and Kandice Austin