Hardware & Accessories

We emphasize the importance of small items like hardware and accessories as much as the big items. Many times, it’s the little details that make the whole project come to life. Don’t underestimate the influence the perfect knob, bracket, or organizational unit can have on the functionality and aesthetics of a kitchen or bath.

Bring your space to life

While big items, like cabinetry and countertops, will take up a lot of space, it’s the hardware and accessories that will add personality and performance value. Cabinet and drawer knobs and pulls should look good, but more importantly, they should feel good. Part of the fun of visiting a showroom is being able to see, touch, and test various cabinet hardware to make sure you like the way it functions, feels, and fits into your vision. Consider the hardware as functional statement pieces. Shelf brackets and cabinetry hardware can be bold and contrasting or blend subtly into your cabinetry, all depending on your taste and preference. The performance of your kitchen depends on how efficiently and thoughtfully it is organized. Once you have chosen beautiful cabinetry, it’s time to find organizational and storage units that make life easier. All units are fully customizable, from corner cabinets, base cabinets, waste bins, and recycling centers.
Thoughtful organization isn’t just about making your kitchen or bath more functional; it’s about creating harmony within the room, ensuring everything has a place, with no wasted space, and no detail forgotten. Great home design is in the details. Our team of professionals is ready to help you choose all the right products, no matter how small, to fit your style and budget.