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Meet Our Team – Andon Martin

Andon Martin is a highly experienced design consultant with a BS in Housing Studies from Oregon State University. His collaborative style helps developers, builders and homeowners meet their individual goals on design and budget.

When asked about his preferred kitchen style, Andon explains,

“I like most styles, as long as the space is functional and well planned. Do you bake daily? Are you cooking for a large family? Maybe you’re a chef. The point is, make the kitchen work for you.”

When it comes to kitchen upgrades, Andon stresses the importance of layered lighting.

There are three main types of lighting: task, accent and general.

  • Task — Provides ample light on work surfaces (e.g., countertops and stoves).
  • Accent — Creates elegance and emphasizes the space. Adding toe kick and above cabinet lighting is a relatively simple way to create remarkable ambiance in your kitchen.
  • General — An easy way to incorporate your personal style into the kitchen. Consider integrating decorative pendant lighting or a modern chandelier.

Pro Tip: All kitchen lighting should be on separate dimmer switches

Andon’s designs reflect the expression “either you possess your items, or they possess you.” Functional storage solutions should be first and foremost when developing a remodel budget. Invest in organizational upgrades that create built-in grace.

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