Cool Kitchen Features

Cool Kitchen Cabinet Features - Parr Cabinets

In the past, kitchens weren’t prominent rooms in our homes. Instead, they were often hidden away and simply considered places to prepare food. Until the late 60s, home design favored separating the kitchen from the main living area with at least a door but often a full hallway. Even more extreme were the layouts of English manors, such as those seen on Downton Abbey, where the kitchen was located on a completely different level than the main living areas. Homeowners wanted guests to see an orderly and beautiful home rather than the mess that was required to prepare the meals. Today, this concept is about as popular as wearing a bustle and as practical as employing a valet.

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5 Kitchen Cabinets Trends You Should Know About

5 Kitchen Cabinets Trends - Parr Cabinet Design Center

With a booming housing market and nation-leading housing price gains, Portland homeowners are remodeling their homes, especially their kitchens. Kitchen design elements continue to evolve from the trends that were popular over the past few years and kitchen cabinets are at the center of that evolution. The designers at Parr Cabinet Design Center regularly expand and reinvent their design repertoires. As a frontrunner in the industry, here are some of the major kitchen cabinet trends that Parr has been tracking and implementing this year:

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A Quick Guide to Kitchen Cabinets Construction Basics

A Quick Guide to Kitchen Cabinets Construction Basics - Parr Cabinets

In the market for kitchen cabinets? Aesthetics are important, but here’s a quick guide to help you recognize key elements of cabinet construction and quality.

Cabinet Box

The stability and durability of a kitchen cabinet depends on the quality of its box construction. So how do you determine whether or not a box is built to last? Look for how it is reinforced. The box is most commonly made from particleboard, MDF, or plywood. Look for triangular braces in the corners of the box or a beam brace that runs in a dado slot along the inside of the side panels or along the back. These methods will ensure the box remains rigid and stable.

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